I am thrilled to be announcing a new Hawk Hero! Just in case you didn't know, Townsquare Media Jersey Shore operates 94.3 The Point, 92.7 WOBM, Beach Radio 104.1 FM, 105.7 The Hawk, and Shore Sports Network. I host "Nights with Jimmy G" on 94.3 The Point, but I also have been highlighting local Jersey Shore Hawk Heroes. Our first ever Hawk Hero was David Richards, a local Brick Township icon with down syndrome who is now a fantastic coach for Brick Memorial High School wrestling. Also, Cathy Wareham- Herbst was our most recent hero. Cathy is a certified medical assistant for Hackensack Meridian Health in Brick Township. For over a year, she and her Meridian Health team have been battling on the COVID-19 frontlines. Before highlighting a brand new Hawk Hero, a big THANK YOU to our friends at Sonny’s Recycling. We’ll continue to pick 1 hero, share their story on-air and online, and award them a $100 Visa gift card!

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With that, congratulations to Lori O'Brien of Barnegat! Lori is an elementary school nurse in Barnegat who continues to battle through the pandemic. Her love for her students is evident and she displays all the characteristics of a Hawk Hero! I had the great pleasure of speaking with Lori... LISTEN BELOW:

Lori's husband, Bob O'Brien was the one who nominated her, and here's what he had to say:

"At the age of 14 when I first met my wife she was a volunteer first aider. She always knew she wanted to be a nurse and she did so. She has always been a giving person. She is a school nurse now. When the pandemic hit, her church was buying food, cooking it, packing it, and then delivering it to senior shut in's that couldn't get out to get their food from supermarkets. She was doing this to help as she always has. As the schools reopened, hers was open since last September. She has gotten beat up emotionally, physically, and verbally, each and everyday. I have seen the media tell about how all the teacher's have struggled, but no one has talked about the school nurse's during this pandemic. They have to follow CDC, federal, county and state guide lines, which most parents refuse to understand. My wife has come home in tears and so exhausted, through out this past school year. She is my hero and to a many students of hers."

In conclusion, as we continue to move towards the end of the pandemic, let's remember the steps that got us to this point. Let's continue to work together so we can have a tremendous summer! Congratulations Lori and THANK YOU to all health care workers!

Thanks to our friends at Sonny's Recycling on Route 9 in Waretown: get fast cash from your old metal pieces! Visit their scrapyard today.

Who will be the next Hawk Hero? NOMINATE SOMEONE HERE!

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