Seagulls can be in a word, aggressive. It isn't uncommon for gulls to try to swipe food right out of your hands. Well, one Jersey Shore town is over it.

Over the weekend in Ocean City beachgoers saw hawks, falcons, and an owl flying overhead. The reason? To scare off the seagulls.

These birds that prey on seagulls are being for lack of a better word, "organized" by Ocean City and East Coast Falcons based out of Lodi. This firm has used falcons to clear away pain-in-the-butt birds from golf courses to airports.

Ocean City wants visitors to know that these new additions to the beach and boardwalk are safe around humans, but seagulls are so afraid of getting eaten by the hawks or falcons that they will rarely land on the boardwalk. Instead, they'll keep the next town without the bird deterrents.

Officials from Ocean City said that this past weekend was very successful, and they plan to fly the four Falcons, two hawks, and one owl for the rest of August.

[source: APP]

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