I encountered an unexpected problem when visiting Beach Haven recently.

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Have you ever visited the Sea Shell Resort & Beach Club in Beach Haven?

They have a beautiful pool, restaurants, outdoor bars, outdoor dining areas and direct access to the beach. It is beautiful.

Google Maps
Google Maps

However, when my friends and I were in town for a bachelorette, we learned of the Jersey Shore's next big obstacle to outdoor dining.

We ordered A LOT of food. Drinking will do that to you.

We were all chowing down when a seagull swooped down and knocked a full plate of chicken fingers and fries out of my friend's hand.

Google Maps
Google Maps

We called over the waiter who replied, "You will still have to pay for that."

"Wait, what?!" we all exclaimed. This was the last response we were all expecting.

The waiter than pointed to a sign that read the restaurant was not responsible for any food lost to the aggressive seagulls.

"Okay, then can we just get another one please?" I asked.

"Sure, but you will have to pay for that one also."

Waterlife off Long Island
Bruce Bennett

I turned into someone I never thought I would be: "Okay, I need to speak to your manager please."

There were other issues that occurred while we dined which aren't important to note for this piece but just know this was our final straw.

The woman who approached was harsh and looked at us like we were crazy for being upset about the issue.

She pointed to the same sign (that was maybe 2 feet by 2 feet by the way) explaining they were not responsible.

So now I am supposed to pay an extra $20 bucks because your seagulls are out of control?

This policy is crap.

Curious Seagull
Getty Images/iStockphoto

She did eventually take off the cost for the chicken fingers that no one got to eat but I find it absurd that this type of policy is even in place.

I'm curious: Have others gotten just as pissed off?

Can you keep an eye out for the seagulls? Sure.

Would umbrellas help? Sure. (There are umbrellas but ours was broken)

But how does this issue become the financial responsibility of the customer?

In case you don't remember, seagulls got insanely aggressive down in Ocean City. According to WHYY.org, they would swoop down, dive for food and it got out of control.

The Sun Shines For The Bank Holiday
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The town came up with a solution and it worked.

This hired a company called East Coast Falcons who use hawks, falcons and owls to keep the seagulls at bay.

“It’s just fascinating … using nature to take care of nature,” said Barbara Bee, a retired teacher.

The town was facing an issue. The town also took care of said issue.

People who come down to the shore come to escape. Not have costs passed off so a massive Jersey Shore business can save a buck.

I strongly urge The Sea Shell Resort & Beach Club -- or any business facing the same problem -- to address this issue immediately.

If you don't start chasing away the seagulls, you will inadvertently be chasing away customers instead.

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