You may not agree with what I’m about to propose, but I want you to hear me out. Before you make your mind up, read everything I’m going to propose to you here. I think it’s time to change the state bird, and my choice for the new one is a bit divisive.

Curious Seagull
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Look, I have nothing against the American Goldfinch. They are adorable little creatures, but does their song immediately bring your mind to the summer memories of youth? I bet you don’t even know what an American Goldfinch sounds like.

But I bet you do know what a New Jersey seagull sounds like, right? And I think it’s high time to put the handful of annoying habits they may have aside and give these majestic beach crooners the Jersey Shore love they truly deserve.

Anurag Jain, Unsplash
Anurag Jain, Unsplash

Have they stolen a French Fry or two in their time, or maybe even a couple of perfectly good sandwiches? Yes they have. But they have to eat too, right? If we can find a way to love sharks, then we must have room in our hearts for the rightful heir to the New Jersey state bird throne.

Let’s be honest. When you take that early morning walk or jog on any of our amazing boardwalks, who is right there next to you, singing, flying and tearing up the nearest beach garbage pail. The beloved seagull, that’s who.

Peter F Wolf, Unsplash
Peter F Wolf, Unsplash

The combination of their beautiful song, along with the crashing beaches are nature’s orchestration of the soundtrack of a Jersey Shore summer. So call your local legislator, sign a petition or wear a pin. The mighty seagull’s time has arrived!

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