We can’t be in public.
We don’t want to cook.
We can’t go shopping.
Not even to look.

So to help you get through
This crazy, chaotic time
We’ve put together a guide
For at-home meal kits you should have in supply

Can you tell I am going crazy in Quarantine? LOL.

Take a look and hopefully you can find the perfect option that works for you.

Blue Apron

Original price starts at $59.94 per week which works out to be about $9.99 per meal. But you will get $60 off the first time you try Blue Apron. And here is a big plus…..this company runs a WINE DELIVERY PROGRAM. Please and thank you.


Dinnerly is a bit more affordable. The price starts at about $38.93 per week which works out to be about $4.99 per meal. Find their weekly meal options HERE.


Yea….EAT CLEAN BRO!! This company is actually based right here in New Jersey and offers A LOT of different options. Meals cost at least $8.50 and snacks cost at least $6.50. I am not seeing a lot of these services offer snacks as an option so take a look because there could be some good, filling options to hold you over.


These recipes are delivered right to your door and start out at $4.99 per meal. Super affordable, right?! You can take a look at their available weekly menu and see if it caters to your taste.

Green Chef

How many delivery services do you know that are organic? And that isn’t even their only dietary restriction option! They offer meal plans for people on keto, paleo or plant-based diets as well! But of course, it will cost you a bit more. It starts at $11.99 for a two-person plan which is not nearly as bad as I was expecting.


Okay…now all I am picturing is a gobbling turkey but let’s move on. They are offering a pretty good deal: you can get your first six meals for just $36 which is killer when you compare it to the usual starting cost of $71.94 per week. They also offer a Meal Prep Lunch Subscription which starts at $47.88 per week.


This is actually one of the most popular recipe delivery services around! Their cost starts at just $8.99 per serving.

Home Chef

This option looks perfect for me because they have different meal plan options to choose from. There is the “Cullinary Collection” and “Ready in 15” to choose from all depending on how into cooking you are. It costs $6.99 per serving so come hungry.


This company delivers a week’s worth of recipes and groceries at a time. But it gets even better: you fill out your food profile so they can send you meals that cater to your tastes. (And yes, snacks and desserts are available) You can get 30% off your first delivery if your order costs at least $99!

Martha & Marley Spoon

If you are a Martha Stewart fan, this is the meal plan company for you. This service starts at $62.93 per week which works out to be about $8.99 per meal. So, it falls in a pretty affordable range.

Purple Carrot

This meal service is 100% plant-based and they are offering a $25 discount when you first sign up. The usual price range is about $9.999 per meal and they offer breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Real Eats

There are so many different plans to choose from with Real Eats. You can go for 4 meals a day for $60 per week or you can splurge and get 12 dinners AND 12 breakfasts per week for $210. You can find just the right plan for your lifestyle.

Sending a BIG shout out to NJ.com for putting together this killer guide. The less we can be out in public, the better so this guide is the PERFECT resource to make sure your quarantine goes off without a hitch.

Check out the original article HERE.

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