Celebrate Shark Week with these amazing shark facts to impress your friends! And...read on to find out what this photo is. Can you guess?

• Sharks come in all sizes. The largest, the Whale Shark, can reach up to 40 feet in length. The smallest, the American Pocket Shark, measures just 5 ½ inches and was discovered just last week in the Gulf of Mexico. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s bioluminescent, which means it can glow in the dark!

• Many sharks can perform stomach eversion – in other words, they can burp up their entire stomach, turn it inside out, and get rid of all the contents inside. Indigestible foods, parasites, and other troublesome items like bones, fish hooks, and plastic trash carelessly tossed into the ocean are literally washed away.

•Even baby sharks are tough – how tough are they? The embryos of some sharks can attack and eat their siblings!!! For example, this characteristic allows tiger sharks to give birth to much larger babies, making little ones safer from other predators!

Now...don't you feel better about sharks? lol.

PS...This photo, from NJ Sea Grant, is of shark embryos!

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