Six Flags Great Adventure has made one thing clear: despite this Summer being nothing like what we had expected, they will do everything in their power to make these next few months fun and memorable.

A few weeks ago, Six Flags opened their Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure but to adapt, it is now a self-guided tour to minimize the number of people in one car at one time.

As enjoyable as it is to ride through to see all of the safari animals up-close, a tour guide can teach you fascinating facts about the different species that you probably would not learn otherwise.

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Well Six Flags Great Adventure once again proves that they are ready to adapt, no matter the situation.

The New Jersey theme park just released a new, free audio file that you can stream and listen to while you are in the car going through the Wild Safari Adventure.

This audio is meant to be your tour guide and will teach you fun facts about the 1,200 animals that come from six different continents as you drive through. So it will be in the correct order and everything! CLICK HERE for the audio.

Well played, Six Flags. Well played.

Remember: you MUST make a reservation to enter the theme park or to go through the Wild Safari Adventure because the park must keep the crowds under control.

Not sure what type of animals you should expect to see? Well take a look below for an exclusive sneak peek!

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Animals From The Wild Safari Drive-Thru at Six Flags Great Adventure

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