There are A LOT of small theaters that put on amazing shows in New Jersey and sometimes those more intimate performances are much more enjoyable.

However, there is a law in New Jersey that states that theaters with 999 seats or less are not permitted to serve alcohol on their premises.

Until now....

A new legislation was just approved that states that theaters with 50 seats or more in New Jersey can apply for licenses to serve alcohol!

According to, this new rule change, "can only apply to non-profit theaters that regularly host musical or theatrical performances."

This new rule change will also help these smaller theaters to bring in more revenue which can then be used for upcoming performances and other maintenance costs.

This means that nonprofits can put on better performances with more advanced sets and even improve the appearance of the theater itself.

Theater is so important. Being able to express oneself on stage is so under appreciated and rules like this will only help our local artists.

So thank you to whosoever idea this was because I am all for it.

For more information on this law change, take a look at

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