If you caught this weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live, you know that it wasn't the strongest episode, however, one sketch clearly stole the show because it absolutely nailed what we love about our friends to the West of us.

The sketch, called "Murdur Durdur" was a trailer for a faux true-crime series that takes place in the Philly area. It's actually a spoof of the show "Mare of Easttown" (thanks for the heads up on that, Deadline), but even without knowing that, I still got a good laugh from all of the Philly references.

The jokes start as soon as the sketch opens, with Bowen Yang, Alex Moffat, and Kate McKinnon examining a dead body - with strong Philly accents, and supporting detectives Heidi Gardner and Andrew Dismukes chowing down on Wawa right over the scene of the crime.

The writers took the perfect opportunity to have a laugh about Pennsylvania's often difficult to spell and pronounce town names when the detectives were trying to narrow down the scene of the crime on a map. "Past Hockessin. Past Conshohocken? No, past Hockessin."

There were even guest appearances from the Philly Phanatic and Gritty!

H/T: Peter White, Deadline

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