The MTV special featuring the cast of Jersey Shore had some surreal moments and some heartbreaking pictures, videos and stories.The moment that got me was when Snooki, touring the devastation by helicopter, reached the rides in Seaside and was speechless. Snooki being speechless really said it all.

Snooki was brought to tears, as so many of us were, as she viewed the devastation, and really put the scene in perspective by talking about all the memories she had at places that were just simply gone now. That is certainly a feeling that each and every one of us along the Jersey Shore can relate to and shed some tears over as well.

If this terrible storm taught us one thing it's that everyone, residents and tourists alike, fall deeply in love with the Jersey Shore for thousands of different reasons. Like Snooki, many of our tears are being shed over our own private, special and priceless moments along the stretches of beaches and boardwalks that etched their names and images in our hearts. And no storm can wash that away.

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