Snooki is going to have a big wedding in Garfield in the fall, and you may get to see it even if don't get an invitation.

Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

MTV has asked the town for permits to film the big event, and of course, there's a controversy over whether the filming will happen in the town.The wedding is reportedly taking place at The Venetian located on River Drive, according to

The mayor of the town, Joseph Delaney, thinks it would be a good idea, but Councilman Frank Calandriello has concerns, saying there is a " moral obligation to protect the best interest of Garfield", according to the article.

Garfield has appeared on TV and in the movies before, including "The Sopranos" and "The Wrestler". The city attorney official says the town can't "legally censor the filming" but expressed concerns about streets being blocked and safety issues.

Snooki and controversy? Who would have ever believed it?


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