The Jersey Shore got covered in heavy snow just barely a week after Hurricane Sandy, with some places like Toms River seeing a foot of the white stuff.

Naturally, the kids want to run out and play...but it's not exactly safe this time around.

The heavy wet snow is steadily bringing down trees and wires, not to mention covering downed wires and poles that haven't been repaired yet.

Before you send the kids out to make snow angels, keep that in mind.

Temperatures are set to increase to around 40 today throughout the area, which will turn the snow into a slushy mess...then when the temperature drops tonight (23 inland! Brr!) you can be certain we'll be dealing with lots of ice tomorrow.

All of these things are not good news for trees and utility poles weakened by last week's storm.

Remember if you travel today that many traffic lights aren't working again due to power outages, and there are numerous road closures and accidents due to slick roads and downed trees and wires.

If you DO head out, give yourself plenty of time to get around, and please thoroughly clean the snow off your entire car...that chunk of wet snow coming off your car at 65 mph becomes a missile to the person driving behind you.

Are you seeing a lot of downed trees where you are? How are the roads? Tell us about it below!