Now that we are staring December in the face here at the Jersey Shore, our attention focuses to keeping an eye out for snow in the forecast.

And while most of us dread the winter weather, driving in the snow and shoveling out of messy storms, our winters are hardly a hiccup compared to some towns that aren't really that far away from us.

As an example, the average winter snowfall in New Jersey ranges anywhere from a foot to about two feet according to, but wait until you here the average snowfall in other areas.

As an example, Erie, Pennsylvania, which is less than 500 miles from us, gets over 103 inches per year. In Highmarket New York, which is only a little over 300 miles away from us will get over 214 inches in an average year.

And while those numbers are about five and ten times the amount of snow we get respectively, they all pale in comparison to some of the top spots in the nation. Take a minute to soak in these snow totals from the top 3 spots.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon...over 453 inches annually. (That's almost 38 feet of snow)

Alta, Utah...over 457 inches a year.

Paradise Ranger Station, Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington...over 645 inches of snow a year. The snowiest place in America averages almost 54 feet of snow a year.

You can check out some more wild snow numbers at

So, every time you're about to growl over some snow here at the Jersey Shore, just think about what some people, far and not so far, are dealing with. Maybe we'll complain less, but I doubt it.

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