For many residents of the Jersey Shore who consider themselves lucky in the aftermath of Sandy, things have gotten back to some level of normalcy. The news of the return of some of the residents to the Northern Barrier Island reminds us that it's certainly not the case for everyone.

While some residents were allowed to stay overnight for the first time Since Sandy, many others were only able to try to come to grips with the level of damage and take the first steps in what will be a long road to recovery.

It was a stark reminder to me of all the work that remains ahead of us before we can put Sandy behind us. So many people's worlds are still upside down and so many families in pain.

It is a reminder to the fortunate residents of the Jersey Shore who have found some normalcy back in their lives, that so many of our friends, family and neighbors have not, and need us more than ever. 

The Jersey Shore has been amazing coming to the aid of those in need in the aftermath of Sandy and I know that committment will continue. We are Jersey strong!

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