It's not like you need justification for wanting to start a Jersey Shore day at Jenk's in Point Pleasant Beach, but if you feel like you do, here are some great reasons.

The early morning beach at Jenkinson's in Point Pleasant Beach (Lou Russo, Townsquare Medai NJ)

First of all all, there is nothing more beautiful than crashing waves, singing seagulls and the sight of a brand new day getting underway right in front of your eyes. The beauty of the beach and boardwalk can't be beat.

Then there's the knowledge that you have a full day of work ahead of you. Why not clear your mind, breathe in some beach air and give yourself a mental break even before the craziness of the day begins.

The, of course there's the fact that Liz and I will be doing the show live from Jenkinson's boardwalk until 10:00am today! come see us between the Pavilion and the Aquarium! We'd love to see you!