In honor of Valentines Day I have to ask the question…do you believe in soulmates? OK, maybe soulmates is a strong word...admit it, it makes you a bit uncomfortable.  Is it an uncomfortable concept because we want there to be such a thing and we are afraid to get our hopes up? Or, is it uncomfortable because we don't think soulmates can be real?  Well, I'm going to argue there IS such a thing and I'll give you two reasons why.

It occurred to me that even though I met my husband as a twenty two year old adult in Florida, I'm pretty sure that we’ve crossed paths as kids on a few occasions.  I don't have hard proof but when my husband talks about certain childhood memories I feel like he is describing something I've seen before.

For example, Tony would go to be with is Dad in the summers. When he did, it was not unusual for him to go to Great Adventure and Action Park. We're only 9 months apart in age and those were popular activities for my family too.  As we talked more about the crazy things that happened like a monkey ripping off part of his Dad’s old car after they were warned not to go into the drive-through Safari with a vehicle in that kind of condition, or go carts flipping over on the Alpine Slide at Action Park, I had a feeling that I was there too.  I've seen those things happen...could be both have been there?  We swear we must have walked right by each other at some point as kids or waited on line behind one another for a ride. It's just a feeling.

Are you ready to have your mind blown?  Then I read this story about a couple that came from different countries, fell in love at work as adults and just days before their wedding they found a photo of themselves as toddlers together at Disney! The groom-to-be was looking as his fiance's childhood albums when he saw himself as toddler in a stroller with his Dad pushing him right toward his soon to be wife!  You can read the full story here.
Is that nuts or what? I love a good romantic moment. I want to hear your soulmate story!  We may even share it on the air for Valentines Day.  If you have one, email me at

What do you think?

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