A local stretch of road is about to slow down as the NJ DOT approves a speed limit change.

It's Rt 79 in Marlboro, between Wyncrest Rd. and Ridge Rd., where Marlboro Patch reports the speed limit will be reduced from 50 mph to 45 mph.

Rt 79 in Marlboro (Google Maps)

The change was approved on January 4, after a resident complained about the speed.

I've driven that stretch many times, and I don't think a 5 mph drop is all that significant, nor do I think it will make the road any safer. There is a large stretch of 79 that goes back and forth from 40-45-50 mph through Marlboro, so this will just be one more change.

That being said, watch for speed traps as you travel on this section of roadway!

Is there a road in your town that should have a lower speed limit? Tell us in the comment section below!