Tuesday will be a chilly one across the Garden State, but by Wednesday, you can expect daytime temperatures to warm up by about five to 10 degrees per day through Saturday.

After a cloudy and rainy Monday, Tuesday brings what we like to call abundant sunshine, but also a breeze that might even be termed gusty for much of the day. Highs will settle somewhere in the mid-40s.

Overnight, skies should be clear, but temperatures will take a nosedive once again — all the way down near 20 in the coldest pockets, closer to the freezing mark of 32 in New Jersey's big cities.

Wednesday is a slight improvement over Tuesday, with sunny skies continuing, and those mid-40s highs inching up to approach 50 in some areas.

On Thursday, we jump 10 degrees or so: more sun, and definitely warmer, as daytime highs move into the mid-50s to near 60.

Still a ways away from the end of the week, but right now the forecast says mid-60s for Friday, 70s on Saturday, and some rain finally, maybe, returning on Sunday. Enjoy it!

Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow returns Wednesday, March 27. 


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