Here at the Jersey Shore we believe that no one celebrates St. Patrick's Day the way we do, and frankly, we're right.

We have parties, parades and traditions like just about no where else, but did you ever wonder how some traditions got their start? Well, we did too. So today we focus on the time tested tradition of green beer.

Before you take your first sip, assuming that hasn't happened already, here are the theories on the origin of green beer according to Turns out the very first references have nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day at all.

Green beer was originally a phrase to refer to beer that wasn't aged properly. The first time green beer was used to celebrate St. Patrick's Day seems to be a little over 100 years ago when a New York club promoted green beer to celebrate St. Patty's Day.

According to the article, the tradition really took hold in the 1950's and for so many of us here at the Jersey Shore, it's just one of the traditions that keeps going strong. So raise a glass of green beer to tradition and another St. Patrick's Day celebration here at the Jersey Shore.

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