Have you ever walked into a store and are stopped in your tracks by an item on one of their shelves?

It's perfect and it draws you in because you have to have it.

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And just before you decide to do a mini splurge on yourself, you look at the price tag and your mouth drops wide open.

You place that same item back on the shelf while mumbling, "Are you kidding me?"

That is what recently happened to me while inside a Starbucks.

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Their reusable cups and holiday merch are adorable this year and let me just say this now: I am an avid Starbucks fan. Their iced vanilla chai latte is the best I've ever tasted.

So I would say that Starbucks and I are good friends at the very least.

Well friend should be able to be honest with one another, right?

So to my lovely Starbucks friends, your cups are too expensive.

I saw a few options that both of my sisters would love. We have reached that time of year when I start my holiday shopping piece by piece.


But $23.95 for a large cup and $19.95 for a smaller cup seems a bit extra. These cups are beautiful and there are many designs I would take home.

BUT....Who isn't talking about how tough things are these days?

I do also kind of understand that it may be costing more to make these cups and other merch. But how much profit must a humongous chain like Starbucks make off of a singular cup or merch purchase.

This is just one of those situations where I asked myself: how much am I really going to let myself spend on a cup?

Starbucks should 10000% do what they have to in order to remain afloat.


However, I don't think a massive chain like Starbucks is in the same boat as the rest of us.

Please tell me you agree? Email me: Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com.

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