Just in time for summer, Starbucks is hoping to cater to their customers' wishes with a new, smaller offering.

Introducing the Mini Frappuccino.


This new Frappuccino cup will hold 10 oz., just two ounces less than the tall size.

It's the frozen treat's answer to the Starbucks short cup, which, at 8 oz. is most often used for kids' drinks or individual shots of espresso.

The Mini frap size will be available nationwide for a limited time starting today, May 11. Customers will be able to order any flavor Frappuccino in the new smaller size.

The Mini size will save you about a quarter over the tall price.

While I love the idea of a smaller cup, ESPECIALLY for kids, it seems silly that they made the Mini just two ounces smaller than the next size. 6 or 8 oz. seems like it would be more practical for little bellies. (And don't worry, there are plenty of caffeine-free Frappuccino flavors.)

An 8 oz. cold cup would also be a better option for calorie counters or those who want to sample a new flavor or beverage without the fear of wasting a whole big drink!

Overall? Not impressed.