From the moment Stranger Things Season 4 premiered on Netflix, it was the service’s most-watched show. The latest batch of episodes is the most popular English-language series in the company’s history. To date, subscribers have watched 883 million hours of Season 4 of the show alone. In sheer number of hours consumed, that’s more than any Netflix series ever except for Squid Game.

But this week, for the first time since Season 4 debuted on May 27, Stranger Things is not the top TV show on the service in the U.S. It just got knocked off the top of Netflix’s daily top ten shows list by the third season of The Umbrella Academy, which premiered on June 22.

Here’s what the current top ten television show list looks like, per Netflix:

The Ten Most-Watched Shows on Netflix Right Now

Here are the most-watched shows on Netflix on July 3, 2022.

The fact that Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy are both hugely popular simultaneously suggests that there is a very large audience within the Netflix subscriber base that likes supernatural and superheroic shows focused on large groups of tight-knit young people. In a way, the two are very complimentary of one another.

Just because Stranger Things isn’t the number one show on Netflix at this precise moment doesn’t mean it’s no longer wildly popular. Last week alone, four out of the top spots on Netflix’s top ten list of English language series were occupied by seasons of Stranger Things. And Stranger Things will surely reclaim the top spot on the daily and weekly lists as soon as Volume 2 of Stranger Things Season 4 premieres on Netflix on July 1.

These final two episodes, spanning roughly four hours of story, will bring this year’s batch of Stranger Things to a close and lay the groundwork for Season 5, which is expected to be the final season. Although, with numbers like these, would anyone be surprised if they announce a spinoff or sequel show? I would not.

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