To live in a family neighborhood where you can barely open your car door because vehicles are whizzing by at double the speed limit is a travesty.

I know there isn't enough manpower for police to enforce speed limits on every street in every town. But there are some streets where the locals feel totally ignored despite their complaints.

Spring Street in Red Bank is one of those streets. Used by many as a short-cut between Fair Haven and Little Silver, or to get to Newman Springs Road, Rt. 35, and the Parkway, this is supposed to be a quiet street. It's in a beautiful part of town with a lot of kids.

There are several 'sections' of this long street. On one end it 'starts' on Branch Ave. where Red Bank and Little Silver meet, and runs down to the corner of Front Street near where River Road begins by Welsh Farms.

Even with the addition of a brand new stop sign for those entering the 'top' of the street in Little Silver, most drivers immediately hit the gas and floor it all the way down to the light at Harding Road. And if that light is green (or yellow upon approach), they hit the gas again and floor it the rest of the way.

Of course, this speeding applies to drivers moving in both directions as well as those entering Spring Street from any of the other side streets.

There are a lot of apartment and condo complexes along parts of Spring Street with not enough lot parking, so there are a lot of cars always parked along Spring Street in this area.

So you quite literally take your life into your hands attempting to get into or out of your parked vehicle on Spring St. because drivers speeding by refuse to slow down. It is like a war zone at times.

I worry about the kids. Since there are so many parked cars in the street, there are times where pedestrians who exit their car can barely see around the other parked cars to get out of the vehicle, or even to have enough time to get into the vehicle, and could easily get hit or lose a limb if a vehicle passes too close.

It sickens me to think that drivers don't seem to care about the 25 mph speed  limit sign and are selfishly in such a rush that they can't seem to (or don't want to) follow the law.

Many locals have complained in social media groups that there are other streets in Red Bank that are known to have a police presence where cops will issue tickets to speeders and wonder why Spring St. seems to be 'ignored' by the police.

And this is just one example of hundreds of streets in some of our most wonderful neighborhoods where driving the speed limit in a residential zone is mostly ignored.

How can we fix this problem??? Residents are crying out for safety measures!

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