My wife signed up for the Asbury Park Runapalooza a while back, so when the Boston Marathon bombing happened, I was understandably worried.

The scenes playing over and over again on TV night after night from Boston sent chills up all our spines, and certainly many of those who were running in a race or had a loved one scheduled to run watched in worried disbelief.

I was extremely comforted , however, when we arrived at the race to see a strong presences from both the Asbury Park Police and the Monmouth County Sheriff's Department, as well as police departments throughout the route. Police and K9 units were working hard to ensure the safety of participants and their family and friends who came to show support.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank those who keep us safe on a daily basis. It's a difficult enough task normally, and an especially tough during tense times. So, thank you to those who put themselves between us and danger each day.

And also a big thank you to all the participants who paid tribute to the Boston Marathon tragedy by wearing blue and yellow to the race.