Flickr user, Joe Shlabotnik

It's what we've been waiting for and it's here...officially. Welcome to Summer 2013 at the Jersey Shore!

We know that it's a little bit of old news, since we know that summer really starts Memorial Day weekend, but that's ok. Schools are wrapping up, vacationers are getting ready and each day we're making more progress in the rebuilding process. Summer is here.

And this summer is, of course, very different. In addition to the traditional sounds we love like seagulls, waves on the beach, kids laughing on the rides and the sounds of the boardwalk, we're also hearing the sounds of equipment and machinery.

The sounds of rebuilding have become a sound of hope. Hope that we can get back to normal soon, but it's also a constant reminder of all we've been through. There is no doubt that this summer is a bittersweet one in the hearts of all of us who love the Jersey Shore.

I know we'll do what we always do here at the Jersey Shore. We'll be tough, get through it, and make the best out of a tough situation. That's just what we do. Here's to hoping you have a great summer!