I’m pretty sure we can all agree on one thing, we're all experiencing COVID fatigue. Add a harsh winter on top of that and no doubt we're all longing for our Jersey Shore summers they way they used to be. We want sun, sand and mostly we want our live music back!

Well we got a nugget of information today that will help you keep your eyes on the prize. I was on the phone with Brick Mayor John Ducey today and he gave Lou and I some AMAZING news!  Drumroll please...Brick Summerfest WILL return in 2021!  Can I get an Amen?

The musical lineup looks stellar too.  I'm talking all your favorite fun 80's and 90's music so bring your friends and get ready to have some serious fun!  You can see the musical schedule here. That's not all...Mayor Ducey also informed us that Brick Township’s annual FallFest will also return this year, on Oct. 16th!  This really is putting some pep in my step and I hope it's lifting your spirits too. Isn't it amazing what some normalcy will do for a girl?

I’m sure you remember that Summerfest was sadly postponed and then actually canceled last year because of the coronavirus pandemic. The people who know are telling us that as long as state restrictions allow it, you can expect to party each Thursday in July! Ahhh....my soul needs a beer and wine garden, fireworks and live music again! Hopefully I’ll see you there and if you spot me come say "hi"!  I’ll be the one dancing like no one is watching.
Xo Shannon

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