I can't believe it, and believe me I'm not rushing it, but summer is just about at the halfway point if you consider summer to be from Memorial Day to Labor Day. So, have you done all the things you promised yourself you'd do?

I go through the same thing every September. I promise myself that next summer I won't miss one day of summer! I'm going to go to the beach despite the crowds, I'm going to golf every chance I get. I'm going to do EVERYTHING next summer! And then next summer comes and I don't.

I haven't golfed once yet. Not even miniature golf. I haven't been to the beach either. I have been spending a ton of time outside in our great backyard and enjoying the new hot tub, so that's been awesome. But it never fails that summer goes by so quickly that we never get to do all things we want to do.

I figured since we still have a couple of months left, now we be a good time to bring it up, so we can make some time to soak in every minute of summer 2012. Maybe if we pick one thing a week it will be a little easier to do. Let's make sure we don't have to say that "next summer" thing this September!

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