Purchase these very special military-named brands of fresh, gourmet coffee available in all 5 Monmouth County Circus Super Foodtown stores, and your money will help those who have served our country!

A very special non-profit is on a mission to help the military community with career-transition coaching after honorable service to our nation.

The founder of the non-profit organization called Bridging the Gap, Command Chief Master Sergeant (Ret) Mike Ferraro, wants to help open career paths between those exiting the military and corporate America.

This is being done by raising funds through the Adopt A Coffee Platoon program, and through sales of this special line of coffees to the public in your local grocery stores.

The coffee is available in all five Circus Super Foodtowns in Monmouth County. (Mike is in talks to get the coffee into Shop Rite stores as well.)

(Photo courtesy of Mike Ferraro)
(Photo courtesy of Mike Ferraro)

Whether it's K-cups, coffee beans, or ground coffee, mild or dark, with flavors available, the coffe blends are:

  • Stars & Stripes
  • Freedom Blend (Decaf)
  • Army Strong (Army)
  • Anchors Away (Navy)
  • Semper Fi (Marines)
  • Aim High (Air Force)
  • Semper Paratus (Coast Guard)

Also, Corporations/businesses can sign up to send supplies of coffees to select VFWs, American Legions, military units/bases, state armories, police departments, and fire houses nationwide. CLICK HERE to sign up for that.

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