One of my all-time favorite places opens on Mother's Day each year, (with seatings on both Saturday AND Sunday.)

I took the most glorious walk on the Avon boardwalk last evening, and saw it coming back to life for the season.

(You can even see the lights of the new, tall building going up on Ocean Avenue in Asbury Park in the distance. Photo by Liz Jeressi)

From the bathrooms being open on the south end (such great news for walkers, runners, and bike riders!!!) to the Avon Pavilion getting their restaurant ready for Mother's Day, it was a gorgeous evening to be there.

And you can see from the photo the lights from the new building that's going up on Ocean Avenue in Asbury Park. It's the tallest one for miles that's on the coast in our area, so it changes the look of the shoreline a bit.

This is my favorite beach, from the gazebo near the Shark River Inlet/drawbridge where you can watch the boats go by, to the beautiful boardwalk, evening lights, and clean beaches, to the way they rope off areas to protect the endangered birds, to the boutique (I LOVE to shop there!!!) to the incredible food from Chef Ken at Avon Pavilion, I can't wait for the season to really kick in.

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)