The crowds are lighter and the weather seems perfect for a swim in the Atlantic. But, this is the most dangerous time of year to enter the ocean. With all of the rescues this weekend by random folks strolling the beach, should their be harsher punishment if one swims at the beach without a lifeguard?


It is my opinion that experienced swimmers, such as surfers would be permitted and the only ones allowed in the water.

I think there should be steep fines for those who need to be rescued. Take into consideration the time, effort and money it takes for emergency personnel to arrive at a scene.

Most importantly, it is absolutely not acceptable for people to risk their lives in the water to save the lives of people who ignore warnings, red flags and common sense.





Just over the weekend and today there were distress calls and water rescues in the following locations:

  • Juvenile on Paterson Lane in Normandy Beach
  • Person pulled out of the water in Cape May
  • Brighton Avenue in Seaside Heights
  • 23rd Avenue in Seaside Park
  • Blaine Avenue in Seaside Heights
  • 8th Street in Surf City

At one point over the weekend, Seaside Park Police were patrolling the beaches keeping people out of the water.

This is a difficult issue for me because I am usually very against "the man" telling me what I can and cannot do. Take the Bloomberg soda ban for example. While there are long term negative affects of soda, there are immediate and sometimes deadly affects of swimming in rough water without a lifeguard.

COMMENT BELOW! What do you think? Should it be against the law to swim without a lifeguard? What should the fine or punishment be?


Be aware of the conditions! Here's an explanation of a rip tide or rip current.

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