Gardening Therapy in the Garden State
You can see by the picture that my Mom has the ultimate “Green Thumb.” Her gardening hobby is both rewarding and therapeutic. I always knew that gardening helps some people relax, but I never thought of the other amazing health benefits.
Spring – Let The Planting Begin
I know it's a little early, but I couldn't help it. That weather Saturday had me thinking spring and thinking flowers. I spent the whole first half of the day in the yard planting a little springtime.
Garden Bandit Spotted In Point Pleasant…And He’s Cute!
Flowers were pulled out of the dirt, some of them turned on their side. Dirt was scattered and holes were dug. We had a garden bandit. I would replant, reorganize,and clean up. And then sometime in the dark of the night, the garden bandit would return to unplant, disorganize and mess it al…