Yes they are very cute and yes they are very small and defenseless, but Chip & Dale along with their cousins Alvin, Simon and Theodore are a handful around the house, especially if you have a backyard garden. Or as they like to call it a “food forest”.

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April has quite the backyard garden and each Spring & Summer we have a family of chipmunks  ️  who love to stay with us and of course help themselves to all the various treats in the garden they love. Tomatoes seem to be a favorite, maybe chipmunks from Italy? Strawberries are also a chipmunk favorite. In addition to the produce our little furry friends love to investigate my bird feeders. Chipmunks are even more agile and acrobatic then squirrels.....making them possibly the most competent seed thieves around.

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

So this week we spotted our first chipmunks in the backyard so I guess they moved up from Florida and are back, oh joy! Lol

Here are a few humane ways to keep chipmunks  ️  out of your garden according to Pest Strategies

Chipminks hate strong smells....such as peppermint, garlic, cinnamon, citrus and eucalyptus. Sharing these smells in your backyard could keep then chipmunks away, they have very sensitive noses.

Chipmunks, like most small critters, don’t like big predators so placing an owl statue in you yard can scare them and make them think twice about invading your space. Various stores with outdoor products have replica owl statues that look very life like.

Yes it's nasty but urine, especially from a predator like a cat or a dog can scare the chipmunks off, so let your pets go for a backyard stroll, no pets? Invite the neighbors lol

“No-Kill” traps are another humane way to rid yourself of chipmunks ️ a “catch and release” program if you will.

However YOU decide to deal with chipmunks is your decision, it's your property and YOUR choice......good luck.


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