Why Women Love Shoes
I got an e-mail from Nordstrom yesterday. I had early access to their shoe clearance sale.
I texted Duzzy in a panic...I had only looked at the first 2 pages and already saw 4 pairs I wanted! This would be a financial bloodbath!
His response?
Freehold Mall Finds Unique Solution for Shoe Shopping Madness
They are going to be the hottest sneakers of the year. Just in time for "Back to School," people are standing on long lines to get their hands (and feet) on the Air Jordan 6 / 7 “Gold Medal” Pack . As the name suggests, the pack consists of both the Air Jordan 6 and Air Jordan 7. Two pairs…
Women and Their Love Affair With Shoes
I often wonder why women love shoes so much. To most guys, it makes no sense at all. Don't get me wrong, men do some things that are tough to understand, too. For instance, we'll gladly watch a ten year old baseball game five more times as long as we know our team wins. But, back to the shoe questio…
Can You Ever Be Too Tall To Wear Heels? [POLL]
I love shoes. Boots, pumps, sandals, flip flops...any color, any print...flats, wedges, can make or break an outfit (and occasionally an ankle). They can also make a short girl feel noticed...and a tall girl feel Amazonian. So can you ever be too tall for heels?