I got an e-mail from Nordstrom yesterday. I had early access to their shoe clearance sale.

I texted Duzzy in a panic...I had only looked at the first 2 pages and already saw 4 pairs I wanted! This would be a financial bloodbath!

His response?

"Maybe just buy one pair?"

Isn't it cute when they speak Boy?

One pair. Pfft.

I had my eye on these gorgeous, sky-high blue snakeskin Enzo Angiolini platform peep toes,

Blue snakeskin platform peep toe

a mid-heel cross front Via Spiga peep toe pump in black leather,

black peep toe pump

super-high hot neon pink patent platform pumps from Aldo,

neon pink patent platform pump

beautiful metallic pewter Lysette ballet flats with a buckle trim,

metallic silver ballet flat

and a pair of Hunter rubber rain boots with a nice wedge heel (it's practical!)

Now, lest we forget, I work in radio. The trade-off for going to work in sweatpants with no makeup on, is that it doesn't pay very well.

I proceed to add these bits of deliciousness to my online shopping bag one by one. The rain boots are now unavailable for the sale. The pink pumps and ballet flats are out of stock in my size.

I'm down to two. The total sits just under $200. Not bad for two good pairs of shoes.

Duzzy's words start echoing in my head. I'm trying to be better about shopping, you know maybe SAVE money for once. This would be a step in the wrong direction.

But they're so pretty!

Then he asks the question.

"Where would you wear them?"

Sigh. I'd like to say I'd wear them everywhere, but that would be a lie. You don't wear 5" platform heels to go grocery shopping. You certainly don't wear them to work as a radio DJ.

They are basically what I call "limo to the party" shoes. You certainly aren't walking far in them, and once you get to the party, you're heading straight for your seat. They won't do for walking around in Atlantic City, or a night out at Bar A.

But they're so PRETTY.

You know why women love shoes?

You put on heels and you automatically feel a little sexy.
Your heels never get too tight when you've had one too many spoonfuls of Nutella.
The right shoes can pull together any outfit.
Shoes are art you can wear.
A good pair of shoes can make you feel like you can conquer the world.

But he's right, I don't have anywhere to wear them. I remove the blue snakeskin beauties from my shopping bag. The Via Spigas remain.

I'm treating myself. Originally $198, down to $118. I'm in.

Hey, Duzzy? In 3-8 business days, we're going out!

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? Tell us about them!

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