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The Best Candy to Give Out on Halloween [LIST]
Trick-or-treating is fast approaching and it's time to stock up on the sweets for all of the visitors. Are you the cool house that gives away the whole candy bars? I certainly hope you're not the house that hands out pennies, pencils and apples...
The Best Time to Buy Halloween Candy
I, like many women, am on a perpetual diet of sorts.
I try not to keep junk food around, because if it's in front of me, I'll be hard-pressed not to eat it.
But it's almost Halloween...which means having candy around is pretty much a requirement. Now what?
What Candy Are You Giving Out?
The candy that you give out on Halloween says  a lot about the type of person you are. According to, if you give out Sweet Tarts or Skittles -- you want people to think you're a lot of fun. If you hand out Tootsie Rolls -- you're plain and simple in all the best ways...
Changing The Date Of Halloween
So apparently there's a Connecticut State Representative who wants to change the day we celebrate Halloween. Now wait, before you yell, 'Blasphemy!', hear this out. It would work the same as Thanksgiving, simply celebrated the last Saturday in October...