With Halloween just around the corner and Halloween candy on every shelf, it may be a good time to review the best and worst candies for teeth.

Everybody indulges a little more at Halloween, the question is, are there smart choices that will keep the kids happy? Fortunately, there are. As I read the msn.com article, they almost lost me when they suggested fruit. Come on, that's not a candy, and if candy is what the kids want, that's not helping.

The suggestions got better though. How about chocolate? Now that's candy! Chocolate apparently doesn't have ingredients that will make it stick to the enamel of teeth. And dark chocolate is good for the heart and may even reduce blood pressure, according to some experts. Experts also suggest sugar free gum. Again, not candy, but closer than fruit.

Now for the bad news. Here are some candies that are not good for your teeth. We all know about taffy, but it's worth a reminder. Lollipops are a no-no as well, and here's why. The candy sticks around a while and becomes acidic which is bad for the enamel. And you can forget about sour candy. Sour Patch and the like, according to experts, also contain the acidity that will be bad news for tooth enamel.

Some helpful tips from the experts as we get the kids ready for a fun Halloween, and we can use a good one after missing it last year!