UPDATE: The below article was written in May of 2014. At the time of publication, there was fear that tailgating would be banned, but the ordinance in question never resulted in the banning of any tailgating. Patrons of PNC Bank Arts Center have been and may continue to tailgate in a responsible manner. 

Were you hoping to enjoy a couple of cold ones, or maybe even a soda and a sandwich in the parking lot of PNC Bank Arts Center before a concert this summer? Better change your plans.

PNC Bank Arts Center
Brad Barket, Getty Images

The Holmdel Township Committee passed an ordinance that limits what you can do in the parking lot of the venue, and tailgating of any kind is now banned.

You're basically allowed to park your car...and then go into the venue. That's it.

It's the result of several instances involving drugs, underage drinking, and other problems caused by rowdy concertgoers while tailgating, leading to an increase in the amount of emergency personnel needed on site.

The measure applies to any venue with space for more than 4000 people, but specifically targeted the Arts Center. Mayor Patrick Imprevduto told NJ.com that 'They’ve gone too many years using our infrastructure with us getting nothing in return. They’re using our police, fire and infrastructure and we want some compensation.'

Fair enough.

Any violations would result in its managing company, Live Nation, receiving a fine.

And to all the idiots who couldn't behave like respectable human beings in public, way to ruin it for the rest of us!!


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