A local diner-with-a-twist, Taylor Sam's, has been taking the Jersey Shore area by storm because of their main specialty which I am sure is a fan favorite to many, comfort food!

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And I'm talking that good old comfort food that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling similar to after eating one of Mom's home cooked meals.

After Hurricane Sandy, owners Scott and wife Dawn Spivak were forced to close their small fine dining establishment.

However, the dynamic duo decided to use their second chance to open Taylor Sam's in Brick in 2013 to not only honor their daughter, Samantha, but also to add some word play with the well-known Taylor Ham sandwich.  The Spivaks' diner-with-a-twist took off and in 2016, the Taylor Sam's 2.0 opened in Red Bank.

Taylor Sam's goal is to have all homemade and cooked from scratch recipes. In addition, they also taylor to specific dietary restrictions including organic and gluten free items as well as other food allergies.

Top selling menu items include "The Hash Tag," a corn beef hash made in house, homemade pot roast, chicken and waffles known as "Kentucky Express,"  and their special breakfast empanadas.

For information on their Brick or Red Bank location and menu options, click here!

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