I'm not usually a huge movie lover, I just don't tend to have the attention span, but I've been looking forward to "Ted" for MONTHS. So how was it?

First of all, I can't say this enough: THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR KIDS. Yes, it's about a Teddy Bear, but trust me, this is not even a movie for kids who act really mature. This is a movie for adults. Real adults. The ones who can vote.

That being said, it is flippin awesome. If you are a Seth MacFarlane ("Family Guy", Comedy Central roasts) fan, you'll love it.

If you're into inappropriate humor, ridiculous plots, and simple comedy, this is your movie.

If you're into political correctness and smart humor, you're going to be severely disappointed.

Duzzy and I agreed that this movie is really just a vehicle for Seth MacFarlane to make the kind of jokes he is known for: unabashedly offensive and completely outrageous.

There's sex, drugs, more drugs, and every word we aren't allowed to say on the radio.

And it's hilarious. Enjoy it for what it is. Is it Oscar-worthy? Of course not, but Mark Wahlberg is surprisingly good in this, and plus, there's a Ryan Reynolds cameo.

There's a reason it took the top spot at the box office this weekend!

But please, leave the kids with a sitter. Even this censored trailer isn't something I would want them to see (slightly NSFW):

What movie are you dying to see? Tell us below!

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