Has there ever been a time in history when it is more important to have a good role model? I don't think so.

Everywhere kids turn, there seems to be some bad influence. Whether its on TV, in the news, in the movies, countless other places, or right there in front of their eyes, there always seems to be somebody setting a horrible example,

As Father's day approaches, I just wanted to thank my Dad for being a strong, good man who has always been, and to this day, still is, an amazing role model. He stands for honesty, family and doing the right thing.

He has always been a hard worker, and is a great example of what it means to be a real man. I use his lessons and learn from his example every day. And I would be thrilled, honored and proud if I can be half the person and man he is.

I love you, Dad and Happy Father's Day!

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