If you live or work in or near Point Pleasant Borough you probably have had the extreme pleasure to have had the Lenny's Colonial Ranch Market experience.

I live close enough to Lenny's Colonial Ranch Market in Point Pleasant Borough that I literally could eat there every day, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This place is truly part of the fabric of the community and has been for years.

Let's take a step back and get a look at the history of this one (actually two, they have a location on Hooper Ave.in Silverton) of a kind establishment on the corner of Bridge and Treeneedle in Point Pleasant Borough.

Lenny's had it's original opening back in 1971. Lenny sold his business to his son Darren who further entrenched the business into the community. I was fortunate to have met Darren before his untimely passing in early 2013.

He was a bigger than life personality who was always looking for the next way to help the community. I unfortunately didn't get to know him as well as many of you did, and I wish I had.

Darren's legacy is being carried on by his sons Billy, Brian and Brandon, and they have done an amazing job keeping the butcher shop/grocery store humming along as strong as ever.

A sandwich from Lenny's Colonial Ranch Market is legendary and a favorite of thousands of their daily customers. The prepared food is awesome. The produce is fresh and the baked goods are amazing. And then there's the meat. Second to none. And the whole thing is so convenient.

Let's just say that I'm pretty pumped that this place is in my neighborhood. If you frequent Colonial Ranch, I'm sure I'll see you there. If you haven't, you don't know what you're missing.

So, thanks to the staff at Lenny's Colonial Ranch Market for always being there for the community, especially during the pandemic. They were a life saver for many in the community. We appreciate you guys more than you know.

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