Alex Rodriguez loves the headlines, and he's getting them now. The question now becomes why do we care, and for how long will we care?

To me, the whole thing is a joke. While other really important stuff is happening locally and all over the world, international attention gets placed on a guy who plays ball for a living, and according to the league he plays for, cheated. If he were 14 years old, he'd be kicked off the team, right? But instead, he gets paid millions, gets to suit up and play, and gets to have international media cover his every move, and from where I'm sitting, he's loving every minute of it. And that's a joke.

Think about this for a minute. I went to a show last where  a group of kids got together (Kidz-4-Kidz) and put on a great show at the Strand Theater and brought in donations totaling over $27,000 to help kids with cancer in New Jersey and their families through the Ashley Lauren Foundation. I didn't see any international press there. Here are kids who are actually making a difference in other people's lives, while superstar ARod is only concerned about ARod. And he gets all the publicity. Doesn't seem right, does it?

Don't get me wrong, getting performance enhancing drugs out of baseball is very important, especially since so many kids are watching. It is critical to send the right message to the young eyes watching the games. But ARod has turned his part of it into a circus, and, as usual, is trying to get the world to revolve around him. And in many ways, he's succeeding.

No doubt, we all love a little drama. But when it's over the top, like everything that has to do with Alex Rodriguez, it becomes a circus. Welcome to the show.


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