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This article is all about “water towers”. Yes believe it or not I think there’s a visual history and art when it comes to the “water tower”. Historically you seem to find the older towers in more urban areas, the ones that go for less visual art and are more a piece of the cities history. I have including water towers from cities like New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Diego, Wilmington-DE, Dublin and right here in Ocean & Monmouth Counties.

Like I mentioned previously, what attracts me to “water towers” is there history and their art....as more towns and cities are turning these functioning structures into art and community pride. I hope if you spot local water towers you think are doing just this, send us your photos we’d love to see them.

April & I live in Southern Ocean County and we have three very “artful” water towers in our area. In Tuckerton, Little Egg Harbor and Mystic Island there are three beautiful towers that I am including below. They not only serve as a water source, but they add art and color to the community. I’m sure it takes a bit of time and money to do, but it’s worth it for a structure that is always there and always serving the residents.

This is similar to wall murals on area buildings, which have become very popular and I love because they promote local art and artists to give that town its own look and feel.
Check out my water tower photo gallery and if you have any pics, share yours would love to see your town :)

Water Towers

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