Happy Friday! It has been a crazy political week soooo let's debate about something totally different...THE BEST JERSEY SHORE CHEESE FRIES! Earlier this week, I had to get away from the news and social media so I decided to go to Windmill for lunch. If you're Sober or not, Windmill will forever be a legendary Jersey Shore restaurant chain. Even though they are known for their wonderful hot dogs, surprisingly I never order one. My go to order is always a cheeseburger and cheese fries. My opinion, Windmill has the best cheese fries at the Jersey Shore and THERE IS NO COMPETITION! The french fries are perfectly cooked and nothing is better than the hot-gooey cheese dumped all over the fries. Now... I always eat Windmill cheese fries with a fork so I can strategically dip them into a little cup of ketchup... It's a veteran move! The mix between the cheese-wiz and ketchup is key to a tasty meal. I do have friends who add chili to their cheese fries but that gets too sloppy for me. 

Some of you might not agree and I would love to hear what your favorite cheese fries are at the Jersey Shore. French fries, especially cheese fries are one of my favorite foods and I am always open to trying new places! Totally unhealthy but WHO CARES!! Eating junk food is sometimes fun and it's important to live a little. Comment on our Facebook link or let me know on our 94.3 The Point App! 

Thank you all for listening and I really appreciate the positive feedback on my night show! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! - Jimmy G

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