Another Jersey Shore Restaurant Week has come and gone, and there were some incredible meals to be had.

Fortunately, you still have a chance to try some of the best items!

In the 10 days of JSRW, I was fortunate enough to make it to 7 restaurants...obviously I missed out on some great food by the participants I didn't make it to, but of the 7 I visited, I had some dishes that I can't wait to try again.

  • Best Cocktail: David Burke Fromagerie, Rumson
  • Best Appetizer: The Mill, Spring Lake
  • Best Entree: Remington's, Manasquan (tied); Bistro by the Beach, Spring Lake (tied)
  • Best Dessert: Bar N at Nicholas, Red Bank

To check out what the drink and dishes were, look through the gallery!

Looking forward to finding new and delicious dishes here at the Jersey Shore...and to shed the pounds I gained this week (totally worth it!)

What's your favorite dish or drink at the Jersey Shore? Tell us in the comment section below!