It's the perfect time of the year for strawberry picking in New Jersey.

Ever since Abby was little, we always went strawberry picking. May and June are the perfect months for picking strawberries. June is truly the best month, in my opinion.

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Strawberries and watermelon are the most popular fruit for the summertime here in Ocean County from last year's poll, asking what is your favorite fruit for summer?

Here are several great strawberry farms to go picking...

Some of the "BEST" Strawberry Picking Farms in New Jersey Picked By You

Strawberry picking facts, thanks to

**June - August (the beginning of August) is the best time for picking the sweetest and juiciest.

**Always check with the farm you're heading out too to see how the fields are the day you want to go.

**There is no shade when picking strawberries, bring sunscreen, water, and even a hat might be helpful.

**Please, bring your own buckets or baskets. Most farms do not give them out.

**Weekdays are sometimes better than the crowded weekends at the strawberry farm.

**Always look for the brightest berry, they're the sweetest.

**You are encouraged to do a taste test along the way.

**If you're wondering how to pick - simply pinch the stem just above the berry and hold it between your forefinger and thumb. A short firm tug while bending/twisting the berry stem slightly, will pull the berry off.

**Plump berries are the best to pick.

**HAVE FUN while picking, taste them, and enjoy.

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