Not sure yet if we're all being punked or if the flavor team at Doritos has lost their mind, but there are rumors of a Strawberries and Cream Doritos coming soon. But we've got some ideas of our own.

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Sure enough, posted to the official Doritos UK Instagram page, is a photo of a bag of Strawberries and Cream Doritos. The website reports that the Doritos are possibly a nod to a certain cocktail served during the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

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Gag. I guess, though, it wouldn't be much different than, say, having a cinnamon sugar pretzel. But the most I think of when I think something crunchy strawberries and cream is, like, a rice cake.

So, it got me thinking, if Doritos wants to create something regional, that there are plenty of South Jersey-made foods that would make a better option for a flavor of Doritos than strawberries and cream. Check out what I came up with below and let me know in the comment if you agree and which you'd be down to try.

7 South Jersey Flavors That Would Make Better Doritos Flavors Than Strawberry Cream

Doritos has thrown us for a sweet loop, but if they wanted to go out on a limb for something new, they should have looked no further than South Jersey.

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