While Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Lidl are all the rage, there's another supermarket that is just as impressive.

It's called Stew Leonard's, and it'll be opening at the Paramus Park Mall later this month. So why did the New York Times call this place "the Disneyland of Supermarkets?" Stew Leonard's gimmick is animatronic animals that sing and dance to customers.

Other standouts include the fact that it's limited in selection, but not space. For example, the average supermarket sells an average of 45,000 items. Stew Leonard's only sells 2,200 different items.

While the grocery store sells essentials, local quality is key. New local produce comes in every day, and Stew Leonard's deals with local farmers.

The Paramus location will be the first grocery store of its kind in NJ, but Stew Leonard's operates wine stores in Clifton, Paramus, and Springfield.

If you know anyone up north that is looking for a job, Stew's in hiring. They are expecting to hire a total of 400 people before opening. There's a big need for workers for the bakery, butcher, culinary team and receiving department. Interested in applying?  Visit the Stew Leonard’s hiring center in Paramus Park Mall.

[source: NJ.com]

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