You've heard it once, you've heard it a million times: "Central Jersey isn't real."

I, for one, must beg to differ. Whether or not you believe that the Garden State should be divided up into two or three sections, either way, your opinion lies on one side of the fence on this one.|

I grew up primarily in South Jersey. Now, my section of the region was a lot closer to Philadelphia than, say, Atlantic and Cape May Counties, but it's still part of South Jersey. While there are people in the eastern portion of South Jersey who may disagree with that, you take a look at a map and you'll see that where I'm from (Gloucester County) is, in fact, South Jersey. It just happens to be the western half of the region. I only say that because I have, in fact, had people from the eastern part of South Jersey try to tell me that where I grew up isn't South Jersey. Sorry friends, but it is.

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People that hail from the central part of the state, however, have had a much more difficult battle growing up. They don't really relate to everyone in the northern parts of the state, but they don't really have much in common with people in the southern half of Jersey either. So, what is Central Jersey known for? Well, for one, you'll find a solid mix of both New York and Philadelphia sports fans there. Secondly, you'll find that people LOVE them some pork roll in Central Jersey, but are also fans of scrapple.

Central Jersey also has a rich history and densely wooded areas. South Jersey has the Pine Barrens, yes, but forests are aplenty in that part of state. They also have a few well-known cities, too! South Jersey has Atlantic City, but that's about it if we're talking about major cities.

Central Jersey, to me, at least, has always been a place with its own character. So, when lawmakers put forth a motion to actually declare it a real place once and for all, I couldn't help but feel excitement for all those Jersey residents who hail from that part of the state. There are plenty of hoops they'll have to jump through to make that a reality, but if it does, that will finally silence the Central Jersey naysayers!

Fingers crossed for you, Central Jersey peeps!


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