The Jersey Shore wanted some summer weather, and now the Jersey Shore is getting some, in the form of our first heatwave.

So just how hot is it going to get and how long is it going to last? Let's turn to our Meteorologist Dan Zarrow to find out. Here are some Jersey Shore heatwave bullet points for you.

When does it start? The heatwave rolls in tomorrow, with hazy sunshine and temperatures in the low 90's, 80's at the beach.

Will we hit triple digits? Although temperatures will stay in the 90's through the weekend, we are not expected to hit 100 degrees, but the heat index could make it feel like 100 or more at times.

When will the heatwave end? unfortunately, not until the middle of next week, so this streak of heat could reach the 4th of July.

There is also the possibility of the break in this heatwave to involve some rain, and that could affect the 4th of July forecast. Stay up to date with the very latest on our summer conditions with Dan Zarrow's weather blog.

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